About Us Since 1937, Inter-County has been delivering leading health insurance coverage to Pennsylvania employers and other organizations.

In April 1937, Inter-County began as a department of a suburban-Philadelphia hospital to help people pay unexpected hospital bills, primarily at that hospital. The plan was incorporated as a non-profit entity and in July 1938, it changed its name to Inter-County Hospitalization Plan, Inc. to include surrounding counties. The expansion continued through Pennsylvania for decades.

In October 1978, the company formed a non-profit medical-surgical plan named Inter-County Health Plan, Inc. Together, the Health and Hospitalization Plans, collectively called Inter-County, offered customers a complete health benefits package. Over the years, Inter-County expanded its offerings to include vision, dental, and prescription plans, and Consumer-Directed health plans.

In the mid-1980s, we were among the earliest insurers to offer PPO plans in PA. In 1983, we founded a national third party administrator, which has been known as AmeriHealth Administrators since 1997. Today, AmeriHealth Administrators is one of the nation’s largest TPAs and continues to serve Inter-County members with administration and key programs such as health management.

Today we deliver medical, prescription, dental, and vision benefits coupled with a full-spectrum health management program with extensive tools and resources designed to help members become more confident consumers while helping organizations meet their cost-management goals.

Inter-County continues its proud legacy, a tradition of meeting and exceeding clients’ and members’ health care coverage needs.

From our modest beginnings to a substantial insurer for Pennsylvania-based organizations, we hold fast to our original mission as a non-profit health insurer. We maintain our belief that better is simply not good enough, and we attribute our decades of success to the high expectations of our customers