Health Plans and Benefits

At Inter-County we work with our clients to determine their health benefit needs and financial goals. We realize that not all organizations are the same so we don’t try to fit your needs into a standard plan design; we build a tailored health care plan based on your requirements. With over 70 years’ experience, Inter-County has the knowledge and capability to help clients invest their benefits dollars to achieve the greatest value for their organizations. We provide exceptional flexibility in the design of health plans, whether benefits are managed care or consumer-directed health plans.

Inter-County doesn’t try to fit clients into preset plan designs. We work with clients, brokers, and benefit consultants to develop a plan that best fits their needs.

Our health plan service capabilities offer plan sponsors the following options:

We welcome the opportunity to help you improve your health plan’s performance and your plan members’ satisfaction. Our sales consultants will work with you, your broker, or benefits consultant to optimize your health benefits program and help you achieve your goals.