iEXCHANGE Features

Improve communication and collaboration.

Inter-County plan members access the AmeriHealth Administrators network.

As a network provider with AmeriHealth Administrators, you can streamline the precertification process and effectively communicate online by using iEXCHANGE®, a HIPAA-compliant online solution offered by MEDecision, Inc.

With iEXCHANGE you can:

  • request inpatient and outpatient certification and extensions;
  • receive treatment updates;
  • perform searches for members, providers, and treatments.

iEXCHANGE benefits:

  • reduced time and expense associated with paper, telephone, and fax processes;
  • real-time responses for initial requests and extensions;
  • treatment updates when a request has been modified or status changed;
  • convenient access hours (6am-11pm EST);
  • no cost to providers.

Contact our iEXCHANGE Help Desk at 1-888-444-4617 or register now.